The number of unclaimed assets is on the rise around the world. Wealth such as remote properties, uncashed pay cheque and foreign bank accounts are often left unclaimed because beneficiaries do not know they existed.


With existing technology and the pervasive use of smartphones, this problem can now be easily addressed with our revolutionary platform –¬†Tessary.

By storing data such as assets, liabilities and other personal information in a single digital repository, your loved ones can have access to and only at a time determined by you. Not only will you prevent them from missing out on forgotten assets, you’ll also save them huge expense that can be incurred to recover them.

Tessary is the most convenient and secure platform for you to keep your financial and personal information where you can access easily anytime, anywhere. Through a user-friendly platform, you can add, edit or delete data or documents easily. In times of urgency, such as health emergency, such easy access could enhance your well-being, and possibly even save your life.
Tessary stores not just financial and healthcare details, but matters of the heart too. Your last words, or photos that capture cherished moments in your life, for example, could mean more to your loved ones than all the treasures of the world.

With this platform, you are ensuring the protection of your legacy and the security of your loved ones’ future.