Tessary is one of the world’s first platform that allows you to store and keep track of all your assets, liabilities, healthcare, and personal information in a single digital repository.


With the unique technology, you can have complete control over your personal and financial details, and decide to whom should this information be released and under what circumstances. The revolutionary platform ensures that only the right people will receive the information from you at the appropriate time determined by you. With Tessary, no unaccounted or undiscovered assets, instructions or personal messages will be left behind.

This platform lets you store all your financial data such as bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, insurance policies, properties, shares and bonds, automobiles and other assets as well as liabilities such as mortgages and overdrafts in your account. You can also include other personal information such as your Will, Power of Attorney, health reports, photos, or even your final words and/or documents to your loved ones.

Once activated, an unique 3-strikes feature will be put in place to ascertain that your account remains active. This means that we will check on you periodically by sending you a message to enter your password. If the message is not acknowledged, subsequent messages will be dispatched. If you do not respond by the third message, the information in your account will be released to your appointed recipients.


With Tessary, you know with absolute confidence that your legacy will prevail no matter what happens.


What’s In The Name?

The name TESSARY is derived from the words “YOUR ASSET”, spelt backwards.


What Does Our Tagline Mean?

The Future of Your Legacy

Tessary allows the entirety of your legacy to be passed on to your loved ones at an appropriate time to be determined by you. It does more than tracking your assets; it allows you to store vital personal details such as health conditions, your last Will and even your final thoughts in a single digital repository.

As a company, we are forward looking and always plan for the future. Through the best use of technology, we are here to enhance your quality of life.