Tessary is the brainchild of Mr Patrick Tan, who is the Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation, an award-winning law firm in Singapore with extensive network in Asia. Patrick specializes in private client legal services such as Trust, Wealth Preservation, Asset Protection, Estate and Advance Care Planning.

Tessary is developed by the team at FortisWills Singapore, which is one of the largest and most well-established estate planning centres in Singapore. FortisWills is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fortis Life group of companies and a member company of the SGFortis Group in Singapore.

Partnering the team at Elitez, which is Singapore’s largest FMCG promoter management agency and also providing short-term staffing for F&B and conventions and manpower training. Leveraging on Elitez’s experience on their own proprietary mobile apps- JOIE and BLINK, Tessary is set to become the future of your legacy.

Tessary is one of the world’s first mobile applications that allows you to store and keep track of all your assets, liabilities, healthcare and personal information in a single digital repository. This revolutionary platform ensures that only the right people will receive the information from you at the appropriate time determined by you. With Tessary, no unaccounted or undiscovered assets, instructions or personal messages will be left behind.

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We offer 2 plans:
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Your payment is processed with Stripe.

Tessary do not store any of your payment information. With Stripe, you can charge almost any kind of credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Depending on where you are located, you will be charged in your local currency.

The 3-Strike is a unique and proprietary feature that allows you to pre-determine your recipient(s) and you will have complete control over when the information/data is being released- should anything ominous happen to you.

You will first create recipients or multiple recipients and choose who to receive what information/data and when. After which, the system will prompt you at internals pre-set by you to check in with your 4-digit pin.

Tessary will send all information / data to your designated recipient(s) before deleting from them from the server.

Tessary will send an email with the information to your designated recipient(s). To preserve and protect your confidentiality, we will delete all the information/data from our server once the 3-Strike has been activated and the information/data disseminated to your recipient(s).

The unique feature of Tessary is that you can assign as many recipients as you wish for each category of information/data. That said, each category of information/data should ideally be assigned with more than 1 recipient to ensure your information/data can be successfully passed down. But the decision as to how many recipients you want to assign is entirely yours.

Yes and No. These recipients may or may not be the beneficiaries of your assets when you pass away. It really depends on the inheritance laws of your country and whether the recipients are also the beneficiaries in your Will.  You should consult your lawyers just to be sure.

Tessary does not perform identity checks on your recipients nor do we verify the authenticity of their identities. As a subscriber, you retain complete control over the use of the Tessary platform including all the information/data that you upload and the accuracy of the identities of your recipients. You should always ensure that you provide accurate information of the recipients including their email address. You are responsible for the accuracy of all information/data you upload on Tessary.

Yes, you can toggle on and off the 3-Strike feature at any time. You have complete control and flexibility!

Yes. We provide end-to-end encryption and ensures information/data are kept secured and confidential.

You are the owner of all information/data you upload on Tessary. We do not own them or sell them or let anyone else access them. We will never use your information/data for any purpose other than providing our services to you. All information is sent and received through an encrypted channel via Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol. No one except yourself is able to retrieve your information. We don’t keep a copy of the information/data you delete. If you delete or terminate your account, we will permanently delete all your information/data from our servers. You can read more details about our security protocols below.

About Tessary’s Security

At Tessary, we believe that security is of the utmost importance. We know how important this is to you.  After all, the businesses which our Founder and the team at FortisWills Singapore are involved in, demand nothing but the highest form of security and confidentiality.

We pay careful attention to our security protocols and to the technologies that we use to ensure you are comfortable with storing your personal information/data with us. Here’s how we protect your information/data.

Secure Connection

We rely on TLS (previously known as SSL or Secure Socket Layer) to establish a private and secure connection between your browser and our servers. This is the same technology used by most banks for their Internet Banking platforms. With this, you can be sure that all data are encrypted while it is being transported over to our servers.

Password Management

Password are never stored or transferred in clear text.

Accounts are locked after 5 log-in attempts with an incorrect password.

Data Ownership

You remain the sole owner of all data that you upload on Tessary. We do not own them or sell them or let anyone else access them. We will never use your information/data for any purpose other than providing our services to you. If, at any point, you decide to delete or terminate your account, we will permanently delete all your information/data from our server.

Company Certification

We will be using Symantec SSL.

Many people have a false impression of not having assets or having little assets. An insurance policy with sum assured of $10,000 means you have a $10,000 asset. We should have an account as soon as we acquire our very first asset.

Definitely! Tessary is much more than just a digital repository of your assets and liabilities.  Your legacy is not just about what you have or have not. Put differently, you can treat Tessary like an information/data bank which let you upload all your personal and important information like your medical reports, photos of your loved ones, personal letters and notes, and that when the time comes these information / data will be given to those who matter to you.

No. Tessary does not help you create a Will. It shouldn’t!

We believe that an important document such as your Will, like many of your important documents, should be personal and customized to your needs and circumstances. You deserve to have your legacy that you build all your life properly passed on to your loved ones. You should consult your lawyer or estate planning professionals like FortisWills, who can help you and your loved ones make a Will that fully satisfy your intentions and wishes. For more information on making a Will, please visit FortisWills’ website.