Wayne Chen

Wayne Chen

CEO & Co-Founder

Wayne is the CEO of Tessary and he is in charge of distribution, sales and marketing.

As co-founder and Director of Elitez Private Limited, Wayne drives the company’s vision, strategic direction and business values to ensure Elitez stays at the forefront in delivering top-notch value to its clients and job-seekers. Wayne also oversees regional marketing, business development and CSR initiatives, managing key client accounts and developing strategies to position the business for greater growth.


Under Wayne’s leadership, Elitez has developed a strong operating framework providing professional and integrated product and service training to promoters. It has also established a robust resourcing network that ensures consistent delivery of high standards and reliable business operations for Elitez’s clients.

Being an innovative company, Wayne also oversees the development of Elitez’s proprietary mobile app, JOIE that transforms the market hiring mechanism for part-time and outsourcing vacancies, boosting efficiency rates and changing traditional hiring practices.

Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan


Leveraging on his professional background and wealth of experience, Patrick is the chief legal advisor and consultant to Tessary.


Patrick is the Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation, which is an award-winning medium-size law firm in Singapore.

He is also the Founder and Chairman of SGFortis Holdings group of companies, with subsidiaries ranging from corporate advisory, investments, advance care and estate planning, digital media, and corporate training.

Patrick’s areas of specialization are in private client matters, trust, estate and succession planning, and real estate. He is a much sought-after speaker across Singapore and conducts regular seminars on topics related to real estate, trust, estate and succession planning.